Trip | Paris.


At the beginning of October, my gorgeous boyfriend (James) whisked me away on a surprise trip to Paris! Romantic or what??? I can honestly say it was on of the best weeks of my life. Paris is such a beautiful city and it has always been a dream of mine to one day visit. Everything was just perfect. The food, the weather, the architecture, none of it seemed real! We stayed in the cutest little hotel just at the end of the Champs Elysee called 'Hotel Fertel Maillot'. 
Hotel Fertel Maillot
For me, I have to say the Arc de Triomphe is a site to be seen. All of the architecture in Paris is amazing but this was something you have to see for your own eyes. It was absolutely stunning! Every day James and I walked by it took out breath away!

Arc de Triomphe in all its glory.
For me, our first day and last days were my favourite. We arrived in Paris and got settled into our hotel by about 1pm. We spent the day walking, seeing what was around our hotel. As we were right at that end of the Champ Elysee, there was lots for us to see. 

My younger sister (Olivia), was starting her Europe travels in Paris, the same day James and I arrived so naturally, we arranged to meet up!

We decided to meet at the Eiffel tower as none of us had seen it before! Just stood there sparkling, it was beautiful. I was so excited to see my sister and her friends, as were they just as excited when we found each other! We all went for our first meal together and after about 2-3 hours, we went our separate ways. 

I couldn't have been happier the whole time I was in Paris. The smile never left my face and its all down to James.♥

Boarding the plane to go home was so upsetting, I didn't want to leave!
But we all have the bit of excitement in us to finally be back in our own beds hehe. 

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